The Best Concentration Hacks and Apps 2022

Most people believe that installing a few apps on your smartphone will solve your concentration issues. This is a blunder.

It is much more important to look at your own life and work and make changes, which apps can help you do.

There are numerous methods for increasing productivity. A productivity technique that works for others does not guarantee that it will work for you. Because everyone’s brain is structured differently, everyone functions and organizes differently.

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Pay attention to your life circumstances to better focus

All you have to do is find the best way to concentrate.

Before using apps to help you focus, it’s important to figure out why you’re having trouble.

Is it the open-plan office with too much ambient noise, or do you have poor and insufficient sleep? Do you spend too much time looking at your smartphone?

Do your coworkers bother you too much and prevent you from working on a project for a few hours?

Or do you have a lack of physical balance and are tense? Go over these aspects in your mind first and evaluate the individual aspects, such as

  • Getting enough sleep
  • Physical tenseness
  • Disturbing influences while working, such as background noise
  • The workplace is poorly located.
  • Inadequate technical equipment Constant interruptions from colleagues
  • There are too many tasks with short deadlines for completion. Too little physical activity
  • Poor nutrition comes from fast food and soft drinks.
  • There is no organizational method or software for your own organization.

After you’ve considered these points, try to change or at least optimize the ones that you’ve identified as important to you.

Most of the time, all you need to do to have a good start to the day is buy a new mattress or start a morning routine with stretching and breathing exercises.

By the way, this is not a one-time event. It takes some time to find the best setup for concentrating on one thing.

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Reduce Noise for more Concnetration

This means you should constantly question yourself and strive to improve.

The best part is that the majority of the changes are either free or very inexpensive. It all depends on your desire to make a change.

There is no app or outside influence that will magically improve your ability to concentrate. You are the one who brings about the change. Everything else is just a gimmick!

You don’t need to install many apps; otherwise, you’ll waste time organizing content and managing apps.

You only need a few apps to help you organize and plan your day or week, take notes, and structure ideas to gain more focus.

Install no more than 5 apps for these purposes on your smartphone or PC.

Here Are the Top 5 Most Important Apps in 2022!

1. Pocket

Pocket is the ideal procrastination tool! Only this time, the less important tasks are postponed and saved for later. It works simply: install it in the browser and on your smartphone, come across an interesting blog article, and resist the urge to read it right away during focus time by pressing a small icon in the browser bar instead. The link to the interesting article is just saved as a bookmark, so it can be found again later.

2. Todoist

Things are getting done! To-do lists are no longer tediously written by hand. Todoist keeps track of your pending tasks and makes it simple to add new entries.

The app includes a calendar function that allows you to keep track of all upcoming events. Entries can also be prioritized, so that the most important upcoming reminders appear at the top.

Simply press the plus icon at the bottom right of the screen and enter the name of your event to add an entry. When you do, the app automatically reads information from the text, such as the date, and places the reminder in the appropriate location on the calendar.

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Your own organization is very important

3. Mindmapping with MindMeister

Mindmeister is a product of Meisterlabs in Germany. Mindmeister impresses with its diverse set of functions. Aside from simple notes, links, files, and to-do lists can all be easily created and managed.

Your mind maps can also be viewed in a variety of ways. Notes from Evernote can also be easily imported. There are a number of ready-made templates that you can simply copy to get started quickly. You can also use the iOS and Android apps on the go if you want.

4. Forest

Forest Stay Focused keeps you from constantly picking up your smartphone, allowing you to stay focused on your work.

The app is straightforward and easy to use. You can plant a new tree from the home screen. This takes 30 minutes to complete. If you use another app or play a game during this time, the tree’s growth is halted and it is destroyed.

However, “Forest: Stay Focused” has a whitelist in which certain apps, such as launchers or lockscreens, are already entered so that they do not cause the abort. Furthermore, you can add up to three different apps to the whitelist yourself. This enables you to continue using apps that are critical to your job.

The app also provides an overview in the form of a forest, where you can view your successful and unsuccessful attempts. So, if you planted a large number of trees in a single day, you will see a particularly well-planted forest here.

Man on a Desk working on a Notebook
Do not despair but work on the ability to concentrate in a structured way!

5. Pomodoro Timer for Concentration

Francesco Cirillo was a college student who struggled with his studies in the 1980s. He kept getting distracted and losing his concentration. When he discovered a small, tomato-shaped kitchen timer, he decided to set it for 10 minutes and only work for that amount of time.

And it worked; he was immediately more productive. After some tinkering, testing, and refining, Cirillo decided on 25 minutes of work followed by a 5-minute break. The Pomodoro Technique was named after the original tomato timer.

Pomodoro Timer and task management are combined in Focus To-Do. It is a science-based app that will motivate you to stay focused and complete tasks.

The app combines the Pomodoro technique with the task list, allowing you to record and organize tasks in your to-do lists, start the Focus To-Do Timer and focus on work, set reminders for important tasks and errands, and track time spent at work.


Apps can help you concentrate. However, only when combined with the right lifestyle, exercise, a healthy diet, and apps will you be able to achieve maximal concentration. Begin right away!