How Can I Get Myself to exercise Now?

You’re aware that you need to improve your fitness; we’ll show you how to overcome your fears and begin exercising regularly.

The spirit is willing, but the flesh is, sadly, weak! Why is it so difficult to follow through on good fitness resolutions? You’ve made the firm decision to resume your sports activities. But, after a short time, all your good intentions are forgotten: you’re lazing around and watching TV instead of sweating and puffing away.

Why Starting Is So Hard

Humans are built to save energy. He tries to avoid movement and the associated energy loss. This is ingrained in every human being and is a necessary survival mechanism.

But we don’t live in the Stone Age anymore, when getting food was hard and saving energy was important to stay alive.

This is still in our instincts, and it is why we prefer to avoid exercise and sports, preferring to watch them on TV rather than participate in them.

Man doing Calisthenics
A few minutes of training a day are enough!

Why Do You Want to Participate in Sports?

What is the reason for this? Do you want to slim down? Want to get healthier? Or do you want to impress others with your athletic physique?

This is an important question because it determines how far your motivation will go, and thus whether you will persevere or give up!

Many guides discuss tips and methods for getting started with exercise but do not address the issue of motivation. So, what exactly is the reason for you?

What is your motivation? Do you want to?

  • Become more adaptable?
  • Want to lose weight?
  • Increase your endurance?
  • Want to get healthier?
  • Become more appealing?
  • Want to improve your coordination?
  • Have you become more focused?
  • Impress others?

The most important thing to remember is that you should only do sports for yourself. Not for the sake of others or to impress others. You will only persevere if your motivation is self-centered!

The good news is that almost all of the above objectives can be met through sports!

The Rule of 66 Days

According to studies, it takes an average of 66 days for a regular activity to become a habit that can then be maintained!

This means that you should exercise at least 66 days. This appears to be a lot of work, but with the following rule, it is very simple!

10 Minutes of Movement per Day

You read that correctly. Begin with 10 minutes of exercise per day! Begin at home with squats and push-ups or 10 minutes of jogging or cycling. Choose an easy-to-do type of exercise.

Every day, set aside 10 minutes. The important thing is that you incorporate exercise into your daily routine. If this is the case, you can increase the length and intensity of your workout.

Increase your daily exercise routine to 30 minutes over the first 66 days. If you are unable to complete 30 minutes on some days, try to complete at least 20 or 10 minutes. The most important thing is to not miss a day.

Push Ups
Make your environment your gym

What Sport Should I Begin With?

That is entirely up to you. However, we strongly advise you to do some exercises with your own body weight, also known as Calisthenics.

The benefit of this type of training is that it can be done anywhere and at any time. Furthermore, you can begin at any fitness level, even if you are untrained. The disadvantage is that there are no longer any excuses for not doing the exercises!

Alternate sports by going for a brisk walk, riding a bike, going to the gym, or even swimming. The only thing that matters is that you have easy and quick access to the sport.

Begin with Small Objectives

Set small, attainable goals, such as 10 push-ups at a time. Then gradually increase the goals. If you can only jog for 5 minutes at a time, try 6 minutes and then 7 minutes a week later. The underlying principle should be obvious.

Small Victories Should Be Celebrated

You don’t get a better body or more stamina overnight. That is why giving up after only a few training sessions would be unmotivating and unfair to your body. Proceed in small steps as previously described.

Do not indulge in a cheat day! You don’t have to. Such days only skew your development and make it more difficult to return to training.

And, by the way, have you noticed that you’re finding it much easier to climb the stairs lately? And who doesn’t sleep better, have less back pain, and appear more confident? Have you noticed that you can deal with stress better and look forward to your training sessions?

Woman Meditating
Recreation is important

Take Care of Yourself

We are all far too hard on ourselves. However, respecting and valuing yourself is an important part of a healthy daily routine. Your body is your most valuable asset, and it performs amazing feats every day! Don’t become impatient!

Perhaps you haven’t worked out in a long time. Then you can’t expect your body to do miracles in a matter of days.

Consider the Long Term

After a few days, you will notice that your body’s sensation has improved as a result of the sporting activity. Imagine what it will be like if you continue this for a few months! At the beginning of this article, we showed you your potential goals.

Think about how easy it would be to reach these goals with just a few minutes of practice every day.

Rest Is Essential

Relaxation and recovery are just as important as exercise. Vary the exercises you do each day and try not to work the same muscle groups as hard as you did at the lecture.

Stretching and stretching exercises should be done, as should getting enough sleep and eating healthy. Exercising and then consuming fast food, soft drinks, or alcohol makes no sense.

Sport as a Way of Life

 Even if it is only a few minutes of exercise per day, try to make sports a part of your daily routine. Improve your lifestyle habits by incorporating sports into your daily routine. Define yourself as a person who is athletic and active.

You can use the Internet and books to learn about sports that interest you and to find tasty recipes that will go well with your other activities.

People Jogging
Incorporate sport into your life

Your Most Valuable Possession Is Your Body

Recognize that you exist in your body! This is the one that keeps you alive, gives you the strength to move and run, and gives you the ability to concentrate on tasks.

Everything is much more difficult without a well-functioning body. That is why exercise is so important; it ensures that your body has the endurance, strength, flexibility, and coordination skills that it requires.

What Happens if I Keep Going?

If you stick with it for the first 66 days and exercise for at least 10-30 minutes every day, you will achieve the following results:

  • Feeling better
  • Better sleep
  • Have more endurance
  • Have more power
  • Slim down
  • Make yourself more appealing.
  • Maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Eat more healthily.
  • Increase your concentration and energy.
  • Reduce your stress.
  • Be more at ease.


Don’t be afraid to push yourself, but don’t go overboard. Fitness and health are lifelong pursuits. It does not always require the most up-to-date sports programs, fitness trackers, or protein shakes.

How Can I Get Myself to Exercise Now? The most important factor, however, is your attitude toward fitness and life. Look at things positively, celebrate small victories, and dare to change your perspective from time to time.

You don’t have to run a marathon, you can also be proud of your 30-minute walking unit! The most important thing is to get out of your comfort zone and stay active for the rest of your life.