How to Start to Become Spiritual?

There are many reasons to deal with spirituality. Others feel there must be more to life than just jobs, money, and consumption, and some people are searching for the meaning of life.

My own way of dealing with spirituality was to start to question the things I did every day and the traditions I followed.

Of course, the job was included in this. I also questioned why, despite spending a lot of money, I had been driving a new, expensive car for so long when it didn’t actually improve my mood or quality of life.

Similar to jobs with a lot of stress and responsibility that paid well but left me worn out and dejected at the end of the day.

You must have similar motivations for exploring spirituality and taking your first step into this world, I suppose. However, you shouldn’t deal with spirituality in order to stand out from the crowd or excel at work. Your inner growth is the most important aspect of spirituality.

Being spiritual is not something you just have to deal with for a short period of time before you are one. If you want to become spiritual, you need to start talking to yourself every day.

Woman in nature
What are your reasons to engage in spirituality?

What is Spirituality?

The word “spirituality” is derived from the Latin “spiritus,” which can mean “breath” or even “spirit.”

There are only a few instances in which spirituality can be accurately defined. Rather, each individual’s interpretation of the fundamental concept of spirituality will be unique.

  • The idea is supported by the notion of a spiritual, non-material level. Spiritual people believe that everything, including nature, is a part of a higher reality.
  • Spirituality is not a religion in and of itself, nor does it necessarily have anything to do with religious belief. It is a way of living that addresses the inner and spiritual life.
  • Spirituality is the capacity for internal autonomy and freedom.
  • Spirituality is integrated into all facets of life by those who practice it. They do this to establish a connection with something greater than their daily lives.
  • However, spirituality is not a prescriptive approach that is always the same. Instead, it needs to be learned through practice and experience.
  • When a person gets involved with spirituality, they create their own unique spiritual realm.

What Exactly is Spirituality Not?

Of course, there are a lot of misunderstandings about what is meant by spirituality. The top few are listed below:

  • The spiritual life is not a sport. neither of people nor of religious organizations. No one is more spiritual than another person, and no one spiritual tradition is superior to another.
  • Reality cannot be mentally escaped through spirituality. Instead, it is a way to understand the real world, not a way to hide problems.
  • Money has no bearing on your spirituality. It makes no difference whether you are wealthy or not. Furthermore, it makes no difference what social class you are from or what color your skin is.
  • Neither belonging to a particular religion nor purchasing pricey items can buy you spirituality.
  • Special attire or jewelry has no bearing on spirituality. Stones, crystals, and other magical objects cannot increase your spirituality.
  • Modern witches have nothing to do with spirituality. That’s superstition.
  • Superstition has no connection to spirituality. It is a personal path distinct from other religious and cultural norms.
Woman Meditating
Meditiation is an important foundation for spirituality

How Can I Grow Spiritually?

As was already mentioned, spirituality is a process that takes time. Everyone is not spiritual all the time. I needed a lot of time to think about how to approach the topic. The most crucial actions to take when starting a spiritual journey are listed below:

  • Before embarking on your spiritual journey, dissociate yourself from all religions, religious beliefs, and religious biases. You should try not to be biased by what your religion has taught you and be as open as you can to what you see.
  • For the time being, keep your intentions a secret from others.
  • Establish a deliberate starting point for the start of your spiritual practice. Look up a good time on your calendar. You should dedicate a significant amount of time on this day—at least an hour—to your spirituality.
  • The only place where spirituality can grow is in silence. Look for a quiet area where you won’t be disturbed. Put your smartphone down.
  • Practice for at least 30 minutes each day.
  • Keep track of your experiences and new understandings every day.
  • Use a meditation technique to start your spiritual journey. This could be mindfulness or walking meditation. Practice yoga, tai chi, or chi gong, or participate in guided meditation in a group setting or online. Spirituality can be attained and developed in many different ways.
  • Mindfulness, compassion, helpfulness, respect, self-love, and generosity are significant components of spirituality. Incorporate these ideas into all aspects of your spiritual practice.
  • Try different spiritual practices to see what resonates with you. By the way, you might discover that after using one approach successfully for a while, you want to try a different approach. Go ahead; learning new things is always a good thing.
  • Learn more about spirituality. Read books and articles and talk with other people, but always be critical and respectful.
  • Avoid gurus, sects, religious groups, and people who want to take your money in exchange for spiritual fulfillment.
  • Realize that the day you set for yourself marks the beginning of your spiritual journey; after that, there is no turning back.
Man happy
Spirituality is an attitude towards life

A Basic Exercise for the Entry Into Spirituality

  • Spend 30 minutes finding a quiet area. Get comfortable and take a seat.
  • Put your phone on silent or turn it off.
  • Maintain a straight back at all times.
  • Start breathing. Inhale for four seconds, then exhale for six. As you do this, mentally tally the passing seconds.
  • Spend about 20 minutes doing this exercise. Then take a seat and savor the stillness and silence.
  • You should record your feelings before, during, and after the meditation.
  • Spend a few days meditating in this manner. You can extend the time if you’d like.

You’ve probably noticed a decrease in your heart rate and a feeling of mental clarity. You feel more at ease and less stressed. You were alone with yourself when you meditated. You weren’t thinking about a flashy car, pricey clothing or jewelry, or social media.

Yoga Woman
Yoga can also be a basis for spiritual growth

What Should I Do Next?

Spirituality, as previously stated, is a process. Spirituality must be developed over time. Follow the methods that have been scientifically proven when testing methods. At first, this seems paradoxical. Many people believe that spirituality and science are diametrically opposed.

This is untrue. We can use the techniques that science offers. Science and spirituality are complementary because they offer two different viewpoints on the same thing. In the beginning, check out the writings and techniques of Dr. Joe Dispenza or Jon Kabat-Zinn.

In 2022, I attended a Progressive Retreat led by Dr. Joe Dispenza in Basel and had the opportunity to learn about and put his techniques into practice. Your spiritual journey will be more successful as you gain more experience.

Frequently Asked Questions on Spirituality

How much time does becoming spiritual take?

A: We can’t know for sure. Too much is dependent on what you expect, how hard you work, and how long you persevere.

Does spirituality have a price tag?

A: No. Following a spiritual path is entirely free. For instance, there are free online resources for meditation techniques. Public libraries also stock books on spirituality.

Does spirituality assist in the workplace?

A: Spirituality isn’t necessary, but it can be beneficial. Over time, one gains more clarity, compassion, understanding, and mindfulness. All of these things can be useful in daily life and at work.

Do any medications provide support?

A: The spiritual path is not a physical one. Anything that distorts or alters one’s thinking is not beneficial.

Should someone heed a spiritual leader?

A: I don’t recommend it. These spiritual systems frequently come with requirements that serve the exact opposite purpose of spirituality. To become spiritually open and free, one must give in to a certain system.

Does astrology have any relationship to spirituality?

A: Astrology is superstition, not science. The opinions of someone who believes he can make predictions for his own life based on the positions of celestial bodies are relied upon.

Does card reading have anything to do with spirituality?

A: No, that is not superstition!With the help of a card-reading system, one can predict the future based on the images on the cards.

Does magic and witchcraft have anything to do with spirituality?

A: This is superstition, not real. Witches and magic don’t exist. They are those who seek financial gain or a way to stand out from the crowd.

Is religion dangerous?

A: Spirituality is not dangerous; rather, it advances humankind. One gains greater mindfulness, sensitivity, compassion, and respect for both people and nature.

What exactly does it mean to be spiritual?

A higher level of consciousness and taking care of one’s own spiritual world are both characteristics of being spiritual. One experiences profound epiphanies about reality as a result.

What advantages come from leading a spiritual life?

A person can recognize themselves and make decisions with more awareness and clarity when they practice spirituality. Priorities are placed on career, money, and consumption. The past and future are unimportant; only the present moment matters. One becomes less stressed out and more at ease.

Do spiritual practices result in mystical experiences? 

A: Yes, that is possible. Some people claim to feel happy, while others claim to have experienced brief moments of awakening or unification with everything. There are as many mystical encounters as there are spiritual practitioners.