12 Tree Hugging Tips: Benefits and How To

We’ve already discussed why forest bathing is beneficial to your health in this blog post.

The beneficial effects of nature, particularly the forest, have long been recognized in Japan, leading to the development of “forest bathing.” This is a natural therapy that is gaining popularity in Europe as well.

Forest bathing focuses on connecting your walk in the woods with mindfulness. That is, you should concentrate on sensing and experiencing the forest with all of your senses. This includes interacting with plants. So, hugging trees is a form of forest bathing.

Hugging Trees Is Also from Japan

The practice of hugging a tree originated in Japan as well. For a long time, it was considered insane in the Western world. In the meantime, it’s becoming increasingly popular here as well.

The following article explains why hugging trees can be beneficial to your health.

Man and Tree
Choose a tree that seems pleasant to you

Why Hugging Trees Is Beneficial

In our daily lives, we spend a lot of time in offices, cars, and our homes. A trip to nature has become increasingly rare, especially if you live in the city.

Most people, however, prefer green and natural environments to urban areas. That is why we grow gardens, plant balconies, and have houseplants.

Also, other studies, like one done by Carleton University in Canada, show that being in nature is good for our health.

Terpenes, which are found in tree bark, help to strengthen the human immune system and protect against cancer. Anyone who hugs a tree inhales and absorbs these terpenes through their skin.

Furthermore, various opinions circulate that being specifically near trees has a positive effect on health. This is due in part to the vibrations of the trees or the essential oils they contain. But there isn’t any scientific proof of this yet, though a lot of research is being done on this topic, especially in Japan.

Tree hugging has the same effects as forest bathing, but it may be more intense!

This Is What Happens When You Hug Trees

  • The heart rate and blood pressure can both drop significantly.
  • The parasympathetic nervous system is more active, while the sympathetic nervous system is less active.
  • When hugging trees, the concentration of the stress hormone cortisol can be significantly lower.
  • Hugs produce the hormone oxytocin, whether you’re hugging a tree, a pet, or your partner.
  • Overall, you feel more relaxed, comfortable, and emotionally balanced.
  • Spending time in the forest also reduces brain activity significantly.
  • It has also been demonstrated that spending time in the forest increases the number of natural killer cells. When hugging trees, this could be increased.

All of these results show that hugging a tree might be good for your health.

Woman Touch the Bark of a tree
Capture the tree with all your senses

Aspects of Spirituality and Culture

From a spiritual standpoint, the tree is thought to have soul-healing properties. It is regarded as a friend and teacher. It is said that its power and energy can enter a person’s body through a hug.

The tree’s roots, which keep it firmly planted in the ground, are given special consideration. This stability is said to have a positive effect on our thoughts and attitudes because it is often associated with calm, strength, and serenity.

Of course, whether you want to adopt these points of view is primarily determined by your own beliefs. Hugging a tree can make people feel relaxed, grateful, and calm. Others will be able to do less with the unusual method.

Just give it a shot and see if a tree hug helps you and how it affects you.

12 Tree Hugging Hints

  1. If possible, go to the forest or park without an escort. It makes no difference what time of day or season it is. If you require or desire a companion, make certain she understands what you are doing.
  2. Choose a tree that appeals to you. It is preferable if no one is watching at first. The idea of it amusing someone would only serve to distract you.
  3. Examine the tree’s structure, how it has grown, its bark, and how it smells. First, use your senses to explore the tree.
  4. Put both hands on the tree and feel the bark structure.
  5. You can now hug the tree if you are familiar with it.
  6. You can hug the tree either gently or tightly, depending on how you feel.
  7. Place your forehead against the tree while hugging it.
  8. During the hug, take a few deeper breaths than usual.
  9. Hug for as long as it feels good. You can also take a break and then repeat the process.
  10. Try hugging various types of trees. Do you notice any variations?
  11. After that, spend some time with the tree.
  12. Combine it with forest bathing 
Forest Bathing
Combine tree hugging with forest bathing

After some practice, you can vary the tips. If you always go to a certain tree to hug it, you should think about meditating or doing mindfulness exercises near it.


After hugging and grasping a tree once, your perspective and attitude toward trees and the forest will change.

Furthermore, hugging trees automatically promotes mindfulness!

Contact with trees can be beneficial to both your physical and mental health. And best of all, it doesn’t cost any money!